I wanted something different and potentially healthier (dark color=more antioxidants) than other popcorn kernels you can buy anywhere. They pop great and, 


For example, can you some how "pop" the seed of a strawberry, orange or sunflower, like you would a corn kernel? What makes corn the ideal candidate to actually "pop" compared to other seeds? I read once it was something to do with the moisture and/or starch contained in a corn kernel, but I thought r/askscience could give me a specific answer!

Orville Redenbacher: … Ever wanted to make popcorn on the cob? Then there’s amaranth. These tiny grains pop quickly. Well, ‘pop’ may not be the right word. Their anatomy is very different from corn kernels. Corn has a tough exterior that allows pressure to build in the soft, starchy interior when heated. Hence, the large puffy results.

Pop other than corn

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The corns are far more productive than other cereal crops. Corn grows in ears, tight clusters of kernels around a central core or cob that is covered in a leafy husk. Corn is mais in Spanish, mais in French, mais in Italian, and mais in German. The pattern is developing in many countries. Most other grains and seeds that can be popped are too small to snack on—unless you eat them by the spoonful, which would be a bit odd at the movie theatre.

2009-07-23 · The easiest way to pop amaranth seeds is with an air popper. Otherwise pop in small amounts (about 1/4 cup at a time) in a wok or large saucepan over high heat. Stir constantly until most of the grains have popped and those that do not pop are a shade or two darker. Popped Quinoa -- tastes like popcorn only smaller. Ingredients (use vegan

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Pop other than corn

2020-10-09 · Most of that produce went to places other than your dinner table, such as livestock feed and industrial products, but corn is still a staple of human consumption from breakfast all the way through snack time. And because we rely on corn for so many things other than eating, the diversity in corn grown in the U.S. has decreased.

Pop other than corn

2019-09-15 · Biden says he then apologized for the manner in which he kicked Corn Pop out of the pool, and Corn Pop closed his razor. “My heart began to beat again,” Biden says. 2020-03-05 · What’s the Best Popcorn Brand?

Today, how to test and fix popcorn that won't pop. You don't need a lot of cobs to give you a lot of popcorn. 7 very small cobs Most other grains and seeds that can be popped are too small to snack on—unless you eat them by the spoonful, which would be a bit odd at the movie theatre. Sorghum puffs up similarly to corn Sweet corn is seldom used for feed or flour.
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Pop other than corn

2016-04-28 Other Similar Questions & Answers. Corn today is yellow in color although its original color was white. Who turned today's corn the yellow color we find most attractive and what was the first yellow corn called? What is the difference between a bunion and a corn? Which weighs more---an unpopped popcorn kernel or a popped popcorn kernel?

First, it is not harvested the same, but is harvested after the plants turn brown. Otherwise, it has just been “degermed,” which means the germ portion of the grain has been removed and therefore is no longer a whole grain. Popcorn is yet another variety of corn that has a hard, moisture-resistant hull that surrounds a dense pocket of starch that will pop when heated. Popcorn is a whole grain.
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Jul 29, 2020 Other than when using “air” popcorn machines that are built to evenly distribute kernels throughout the popping process, popcorn must 

Heating the corn too slowly or at temperatures that are too low may not create enough pressure within the kernel for it to pop. From a sugar perspective, popcorn is a better choice than an ear of corn, but with two cautions: 1) if you’re not a grain eater, this is obviously a food to avoid. If you do eat grains, be sure to count the popcorn as part of your daily grain budget. And 2) be very mindful of the quantity of popcorn you’re eating.


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Se hela listan på gourmetgiftbaskets.com The other kinds of corn (dent, flint, flour, pod and sweet corns) don't have the right combinations of starch, husk and moisture to pop properly. For example, sweet corn has a soft husk and is picked while it still contains a relatively large amount of sugar that hasn't been converted to starch.